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        Standardized, professional and super stable high precision stamping die system design ability. 


        ●模板材料標配天文大同DC11,并經超深冷處理,回火多次;沖子、刀口采用耐磨損、耐沖擊、超長使用壽命的海博銳鎢鋼材料,搭配上模座7075鋁合金、下模座55C鋼, 脫料板鑲塊結構,確保產品尺寸超穩定;


        ●AGATHON inner guide post made in Switzerland, the most precise guide post manufacturer in the world, is adopted;

        ●The template material is standard with Tianwen Datong DC11, which has been ultra cryogenic treated and tempered for many times; The punch and knife edge are made of HYPERION tungsten steel with wear resistance, impact resistance and super long service life, together with 7075 aluminum alloy for upper die base and 55C steel for lower die base. The stripper insert structure ensures super stable product size;

        ●in the mold processing, the tolerance of precision mold thickness is controlled within 土0.002mm, the parallelism of upper and lower mold seats is within土0.005mm, and the maximum speed is 1200spm per minute,which can continuously produce 120H without dimensional variation;



        Rich precision forming ability of stamping materials

        ●十幾年積累覆蓋了十幾種銅材類精密沖壓應用:如C2680、 C2600、 C5210、 C5240、C5191、 7025、7035、C1100, 鈹銅類如C17410、C17510、C17200、 C19210、C19400;

        ●不銹鋼類如SUS201、SUS301、 SUS304、 SUS316、 SUS420、 SUS430;

        ●鐵材鋁材類如SPCC、SPEC、 3003、 A1006、 AI5052等

        ●Over ten years, it has accumulated and covered more than ten kinds of copper precision stamping applications: such as C2680, C2600, C5210, C5240, C5191, 7025, 7035, C1100, berylium copper such as C17410, C17510, C17200, C19210,C19400

        ●Stainless steel such as SUS201, SUS301, SUS304, SUS316, SUS420, SUS430;

        ●lron and aluminum products, such as SPCC, SPEC, 3003, A1006,AI5052, etc


        Development and manufacturing ability of precision stamping die with complex

        structure and difficult forming


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